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Color Mixing Bundle Of eBooks

Are you looking for recipes for mixing your own dye colors?

Melanie Brummer

Fabric Dye or Fabric Paint ... Which to choose and why

Do YOU know whether to use fabric paint or fabric dye for your project? When you understand the difference between the two products, you can make more informed choices about which one you should be using for your specific needs.

Melanie Brummer

How to get the best results using Slipstream Fabric Dye

Melanie Brummer

What is the difference between a HOT and a COLD fabric dye?

When faced with the choice on a shelf in the store, which one do YOU choose and why?

Melanie Brummer

Melanie's Free Range Method For Admins And Moderators

Are you an admin or moderator of a busy group who is straining under rules to keep the trolls at bay? This Free Range style of moderating will make your life a whole lot simpler.

Melanie Brummer

How to create your own packaging using lino block prints

Learn how to use this simple, direct technique to create your own packaging for your products like boxes, tissue paper and paper bags.