There is an easy way and there is a difficult way...

This eBook discusses the benefits and drawbacks of both processes.

  • The Easy Way...

    Dip it in, take it out.

  • The Difficult Way...

    Carefully dose in the chemicals a little bit at a time.

  • Student Feedback

    “I absolutely loved the course!!!” KarenzaPastorino, Costume Designer

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What to expect from this course
    • Introduction
    • What do YOU want to achieve?
    • Needs analysis
  • 2

    General preparations for all techniques

    • Plan your route
    • The importance of choosing the right dye and fabric
    • Buying the fabric dye
    • Choosing the fabric
    • Are you ready to make your samples?
  • 3

    Four techniques, from easy to difficult

    • This is SO easy!
    • What is all the fuss about?
    • The compromise
    • Perfection (or as close as we can get)
    • Needs analysis
    • Variations
  • 4

    Things to bear in mind about all of these techniques

    • Things you might not have thought of
  • 5

    How to claim your certificate

    • This is optional

Start with the right information...

...and spare yourself the costs of failure.

Learn to mix your own color recipes

Having a good understanding of how colors mix and blend will help you with your Dip Dyeing

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