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  • Learn easy techniques

    With many years of experience mass producing fabrics, I teach you simple direct techniques that are quick to make. Time is money in the modern world and I share techniques that are useful for mass production.

  • Avoid failures

    Failures with early experiments are costly. Fabric is an expensive resource. My information will help you to avoid costly failures in the early stages.

  • Learn more from me

    I have an online school where I pop in every day to teach something new. It is a platform for asking questions and getting answers for your specific questions. I pop in every day and teach something new there. It is affordable and you can join for as little as $1USD a month. Patrons on higher contribution tiers unlock discounts on courses and eBooks. The more you invest in the process, the more you learn.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Manufacturing for theatre

    • West Side Story
  • 2

    Stoned Cherrie

    • Video
    • Fair Lady Lifetime Achievers Awards
    • Miss South Africa
    • Celebrities
  • 3


    • With Strangeloce for the Alliance Francais
    • Bespoke Menswear
  • 4

    Corporate clothing for Dubai

    • Thusanang Corporate Collection
  • 5


    • The "Blue Blazer" company
  • 6

    Linda Scrace

    • Mrs Mbeki
  • 7


    • Side Attraction 3
  • 8

    Marion & Lindie

    • SA Fashion Week
  • 9

    Sun Goddess

    • SA Fashion Week
    • Chiffon silk headwrap
  • 10

    How I ended up with fabrics in six collections at SA Fashion Week 2005

    • I took a risk
  • 11


    • Melanie Brummer CV

High End Fashion

Click through and see how hand made finishes look on the catwalk.