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  • Best course

    “Thanks so much it was the best course - thank you.” Marlene Bailey

  • She loved it

    “I absolutely loved the course!!!” KarenzaPastorino, Costume Designer

  • A useful resource

    "Mixing your own colours is always open on the screen." Frank Lohmaier

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    Building your color chart

    • Introduction to color sampling
    • The importance of record keeping
    • Color matching from one dye batch to another
  • 3

    Color sampling method

    • Why the chemicals should not stand for too long
    • What you will need
    • Method
    • The Favorite Five
    • Ratio recipes
  • 4


    • Introduction
    • What happens when you add more water to the mixture?
    • Equal parts of two colors
    • Equal parts of three colors
    • The recipes that do not live in the maths
  • 5

    To wrap up

    • Reference for life

How long will it take?

It takes a Color Technician years to perfect the art of color matching. This course is just the beginning of a lifetime's journey of discovery.

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