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...when you need them

  • Analogue in a digital world

    While everybody else is looking to digital printing for their solutions, many designers that I know cannot afford to outsource. Lino block printing is cheap and easy to do yourself.

  • Up-cycle your fabrics

    Lino block prints are a wonderful way of up-cycling fabrics with existing prints that have become out-dated. They are also wonderful for hiding stains and marks. Transform fabrics that you might normally have thrown away into fabrics that you can use again.

  • You don't need expensive equipment

    "Thank you for showing us how it is possible to print fabric without masses of expensive equipment." Morag Potter

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • It is not complicated
    • A conversation about the basics
    • Equipment
    • Watch some video of my students in workshops
  • 2

    Exploring your cutting blades

    • Your first project to make
  • 3

    Getting used to your tools

    • An experiment to try
  • 4

    Learning to cut on a line

    • Shifting mental gears
  • 5

    Understanding positive and negative space

    • Positive/negative... two options... right?
  • 6

    Choosing a design

    • Time to apply everything you have learned so far
    • Wood block mounting
  • 7

    General printing tips

    • How to improve your image quality
    • How to set up your printing table
    • Heat setting your inks
  • 8

    Print placement

    • Start with end use first
  • 9

    Tiled prints

    • Some simple secrets
  • 10

    Choosing colors

    • Experiment and play
    • My favorite colorways
    • Metallic paints
  • 11

    Extra Resources

    • Some of my lino designs to inspire you
    • Sam Trafford shares the work she is doing with lino prints
    • Vanessa Hansen shares her journey of transition from printing on paper to printing on fabric
    • Facebook Groups that you might enjoy
    • Using lino prints to create your own packaging
  • 12

    Join my Benefits Program

    • Would you like to join my Benefits Program

Pricing options

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