Start with the right information and avoid the costs of failures.

  • Silk is expensive

    Silk can be a costly resource and it is an expensive mistake when you do not get the results that you hope to.

  • Easy to work with

    Although silk is expensive, it is easy to work with and with the right information, you can get great results.

  • Universal appeal

    Silk scarves have held universal appeal since the beginning of time. People who wear them usually have a collection of them. They are light weight and super warm and are the perfect travel companion.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Why there is so much fear around working with silk
    • Different kinds of silk
    • What paint do you use?
    • How do you make sure the paint does not wash out?
    • I want to thicken my dye for printing
  • 2

    Making the stamps

    • How to make you own lino block prints
  • 3

    Printing the stamps

    • Students at work...
    • Students at work...
  • 4

    Some examples

    • From 50 Silk Scarves (Metz Press and Stackpole Books)
    • Silk scarves by Melanie Brummer
    • Silk scarves by my students
  • 5

    Extra resources

    • Facebook communities
    • Would you like to hear from me every day?

How long will it take?

While it will likely take less than an hour to skim through the course material, exploring what you will learn will take a lifetime, as with any great art.

Would you like to learn how to dye your silk scarves?

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