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  • Recycle and re-use

    Learn how to recycle you bedding so it has a longer life with you before it ends up in the landfill.

  • Save money

    Bed linen can be an expensive item to replace and this online course will teach you how you can re-invent your linen so it looks brand new and different without having to fork out cash for new things.

  • Learn new skills

    Learn new skills that you can apply to any textile product that you use, not just bed linen. This online course teaches you how to transform the look of fabrics with color and pattern.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Unlock an infinite world of potential

    • What you can expect from this online course
    • Three Methods
  • 2

    The importance of fiber source and how it will affect your results

    • Why fiber source is important
    • What fabrics are suitable for printing?
    • What fabrics are suitable for dyeing
  • 3

    Where and how to source the equipment and supplies that you will need

    • Sourcing locally
    • Work with what you have
    • Fabric paint or fabric dye?
    • Manmade dye or natural dye?
  • 4

    General design information

    • Design made simple
    • Size of design
  • 5

    Printing with found objects

    • The basic technique
    • Some examples on pillow cases
  • 6

    Lino printing

    • Where to begin...
    • Carving your design
    • Printing your design
    • Practice
  • 7

    Fabric dyeing

    • Various methods
    • Be mindful when working with polyester/cotton blends
    • Overdyeing
    • Textures and patterns
    • Getting the color onto the fabric
    • Working mindfully with resources and waste
    • Dip Dyeing
  • 8

    Combining these methods

    • Combining fabric dye and fabric paint on the same project
  • 9

    Your homework to claim your certificate

    • What you need to do to claim your certificate
  • 10

    Facebook Groups

    • Facebook Groups that you might enjoy

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