There are certain core cultural assumptions that drive the behavior of groups of people.

These behaviors live in the words. With this online course we propose new words to use that might inspire new behaviors.

  • Participate!

    This is YOUR opportunity to be an everyday hero in the story about up-cycled fabrics.

  • Shift your perceptions!

    This online course will help you to change your words to change your mind.

  • Start a conversation!

    This is your opportunity to start a conversation about up-cycled fabrics, and here are some words to help you start your journey as an everyday hero, spreading the word about our cause to reduce textile and fiber waste in the landfill. Thank you for playing your part!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What are "core cultural assumptions"?
    • How do we change behavior?
  • 2

    These are the assumptions we need to shift

    • Actions are not linked to consequences
    • You have to keep up with beauty and fashion trends to be accepted by society
    • We should always try to get the best deal possible
    • You cannot wear anything with a visible blemish or repair
    • If celebrities are wearing them, I should be too
    • Cheap is good because you can buy more for the same money
    • Everything has to be convenient and instant
    • The customer is always right
  • 3

    Handing it over to YOU!

    • How do we make it better?
    • I can't afford to care about the planet when I am struggling to feed my family
    • Saving money by demanding the best price is a good thing
    • One person can't make a difference
    • You have to wear something different every day
    • Things are disposable
    • Disposable is better
    • Recycled is eco friendly so if you recycle you can consume as much as you want to
    • Disposable is economical
    • Shopping is entertainment
    • The environment does not matter
    • I'll just say I did not know like everybody else
    • Clothes can replace exercise if you want to look good
    • It is important to keep up with fast fashion trends
    • There is an "ideal image" culture that pushes people to buy clothing that will make them look thinner
    • Go shopping and you will feel better
    • Special events like weddings and funerals produce excess textile waste that is not necessary
    • People build giant closets in opulent homes that beg to be filled
    • GNP must and can continue to grow indefinitely
    • The only consideration when buying something is whether it is a good deal
    • So many so-called sustainable processes are just green washing, so why should we bother anyway?
    • So many corporations are green-washing, it affects other players in the space
    • The idea that we can have a growth based economy in a system with limited resources is flawed
    • Here are a few more for you to think about
  • 4

    Think about the big picture

    • Some words in pictures that members of the Up-Cycled Cloth Collective co-created
    • Will it be enough?

How long will it take?

While you can likely skim through this course in an hour, if you really want to grapple with the ideas in here it will take you a lifetime.

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