Reasons to start mending

Save money, save resources, save your life, save the planet!

  • Save money

    Learn how mending can save you money in ways you have not thought of yet.

  • Save resources

    Learn how mending can save you resources in ways you might not have thought of yet.

  • Save your life

    Learn how mending can save your life.

  • Save the planet!

    Learn how mending can save the planet.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Conversation about mending as a meditation
    • Melanie's Mending
    • How to extend your life through mending
    • How to use this course
  • 2

    Exercises for you to try

    • Learning to extend the life of the planet we live on
    • Learning to buy less
    • Learn to save money
    • Learn that garments can last you until the end of your life if you want them to
    • Learn that everything can be repaired with enough care and time
    • Mending gives me an opportunity to add value
    • Learn to be more mindful of resources in the moment through mending
    • Learn to feel more grounded
    • Learn to enhance your human connections
    • Mending is an expression of love
    • Love made visible
    • Mending can even improve your relationship with your partner
    • Mending will keep your mind agile
    • Mending can save your sanity
    • Increase your sense of joy and inner peace
    • Find your sense of purpose
    • Learn to shift your thinking
    • Learn to shift your attitude
  • 3

    Thank you

    • Thank you for extending your life through mending

How long will it take?

While it will take you an hour to scan through this course, if you work through a chapter a week as I suggest, it will take you fifteen weeks to complete the whole thing as intended.

Would you like to know more about what kind of fabrics are suitable for dyeing?

This course will give you an overview of the ones I prefer to use and why I prefer to use them.

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