Would YOU like to learn to up-cycle your fabrics to reduce your fiber footprint on the planet?

This online course will get you started with a bunch of useful ideas that you can easily implement today.

  • Unlock infinite potential

    This online course will help you to unlock the infinite potential of the textiles that you already own.

  • Unlock new ways of thinking

    This online course will open your eyes to new ways of viewing your daily world.

  • Save money!

    This online course will help you to save money because it will teach you how to make your resources go further.

  • Save the planet!

    The clothing and textile industries are responsible for more than 10% of the world's waste and pollution. Every idea that you implement from this online course will reduce textile and fiber waste in the big scheme of things. This is your chance to play your part.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities!
    • Why should we up-cycle fabrics?
    • Sources of fabrics to up-cycle
  • 2

    Up-cycling your fabrics

    • Mending
    • How to remove smells, odors, stains and bedbugs
    • Using existing garments to create other garments
    • Taking apart sample books
    • How to turn fabric scraps into flat fabric for garment making
    • Deconstructing garments to retrieve the fabrics to make into other things
    • Buttons, fittings and embellishments
    • Working with sweaters and knits
    • How to felt your wool jerseys
    • What do I do when I spill bleach on my clothing?
    • No-sew ideas for T-shirt scraps
    • Leggings become sleeves
    • Ideas for old underwear and socks
    • Making functional household items
    • Making rugs using crochet, braiding or hook methods
    • Ideas for working with denim
    • Things to do with doilies
    • Up-cycled textile ideas for kids
    • Using Up-Cycled Textiles for Quilts
  • 3


    • Needles
    • What sewing machines are most popular among up-cyclers and why
    • Sergers and overlockers
    • Seam rippers
    • Scissors
    • Lighting
  • 4

    Other useful resources

    • YouTube Videos
    • Online groups that you might enjoy
    • Books to support your textile up-cycling journey
  • 5

    Scratching the surface

    • REAL change happens here

How long will it take?

While it will likely take you a few hours to read through this information and watch the videos, it will take you a lifetime to exhaust the possibilities that it will unlock for you.