Easy. Direct. Versatile.

Lino block printing has more uses than you think.

  • Easy

    Lino printing is really easy to set up.

  • Direct

    Print directly onto your products.

  • Versatile

    “I was SO happy that I learned so many handy hints and lessons! I realize that I am still going to have to give it some practice, but I am so much more confident about it now and see endless possibilities! Thank you!” Marle Coetzee, Fashion Designer

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • What will you learn and how long will it take?
  • 2
    Learning to live with "Not what I intended."
    • Learning to find value in your flops and failures
    • What to do if you want to claim your certificate for this course
  • 3
    Different ways of using prints
    • Printing one color over another
    • Tiled prints
    • Mandala magic
    • Talk about mileage!
    • Creating prints that can be used in combination together
    • Trust the chaos
    • Shaped stamps
    • Inspiration is everywhere
    • Label or sign your work
    • Using the technique as a business tool
    • Caring for your prints
  • 4
    What to do if you want to claim your certificate for this course
    • Try out some examples and send me your pictures
  • 5
    Extra resources
    • Facebook group

How long will it take?

It will likely take you less than an hour to read through this eBook. It will take you a lifetime of experimentation to exhaust the possibilities it unlocks.

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