eBook - Suppliers List (South Africa only)

A list of South African CMT's, screenprinters, fabric stores and other suppliers to the textile industries | taught by Melanie Brummer
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“Melanie,I just want to tell you that your e-book on suppliers is absolutely fabulous - well done for an incredibly well researched and comprehensive resource book.” Yda Walt, Screenprinting Teacher

“Thank you so much .this list is amazing and will cut down some of the time i spend looking for these suppliers, so much more than what I asked for.”ShingaiNyagweta, Kuna Clothing

“Thanks so much, this is definintely a keeper! I think I will have to have each page laminated so it can last as I think I will be using it tons!”AnandieKlaasen, Fashion Designer

“Many thanks for those supporting notes, they are really very helpful.Thank you also for sharing you knowledge, your experience and your infectious enthusiasm with us. I had a great time!” Jacky Dei-Cont

Make local. Source local. Buy local.


Melanie Brummer
Melanie Brummer
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Melanie Brummer has taught thousands of people around the world how to add value to their businesses in many ways. She not only teaches textile surface finishes, she also teaches useful information for those who want to grow a small craft business for themselves.

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