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    "The things she teaches are amazing but how she helps you strategically for your own benefit is priceless..." Richard A Young

  • Life changing

    "You changed my life view and my world. I'm still up to my neck in debt but my schedule should see it cleared by June." Linda Wilson

  • Build your best future

    "This is a cornerstone course for any new or struggling entrepreneur! If you're a business owner wondering why your business just never quite gets off the ground or whether you're still holding a dream in your heart for a life of entrepreneurship, do yourself a favor and purchase this course. Understanding pricing and costing is the life force of any business. Grasp the battle-tested wisdom Melanie shares in this course and you'll be well on your way to mindfully building a financially healthy and sustainable business." Rated 5 out of 5 Sandra J Miljkovic

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Thank YOU for signing up! Let us begin!
    • Thank you for signing up! Let us begin...
    • What do you need to write down to begin with...
  • 4
    Are You Stuck?
    • Are you stuck?
    • Are you still stuck?
    • Getting UN-STUCK
  • 5
    How do you work out what you should be charging for your time?
    • How do you work out what you should be charging for your time?
    • A Simple Example
    • In case you did not get it clearly from the video...
    • How do you work out what you should be adding onto your products to cover staff costs?
    • In case you did not get it clearly from the video...
  • 6
    Covering Your Overheads
    • How to work out your Overhead
    • What is "Overhead"
    • What did you forget?
  • 7
    That's IT! Right?
    • That's IT! Right?
  • 8
    • Profit
    • Adding Profit to your sum
    • Choose your market and margins carefully
    • Growing your business
    • It helps to know what your Break Even is
  • 9
    Are we done yet?
    • Are we done yet?
    • What is your plan for when things go wrong?
    • How do YOU feel?
    • Now go add in that percentage on your worksheet...
    • Who does it affect when things go wrong?
  • 10
    Discount Margins
    • Discount Margins
    • Add in your discount margin on your worksheet
    • Tactics that customers will use to get discounts
    • Why you cannot afford to give in to these tactics
  • 11
    • Tax
  • 12
    Price Increases
    • Price Increases
  • 13
    Creating Simple Sales Targets
    • Creating Simple Sales Targets
    • A Simple Example
    • Finding a balance
  • 14
    Consignment and 30/60/90 day agreements
    • Consignment
    • 30/60/90 Day Agreements
    • In summary...
  • 15
    Extra Resources
  • 16
    Thank You!
    • Thank You!
    • Online support groups

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