Dream Mapping

Coaches around the world use dream mapping as a powerful technique for future planning. This online course will teach you how to connect your dream map to the network of humans who will support it.

  • Get Un- Stuck

    Do you feel stuck in a place in life?

  • Dream Mapping Is Fun

    Writing a business plan is frightening and boring. Creating a map of a dream that you want is fun.

  • Connect The Dots

    When you are finished with most dream mapping workshops, you still have to go home and work out a strategy to reach your customers. This method short-circuits the process and connects your map directly to the people who will support your dream.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Dream Mapping
    • The brain science behind it
    • How this course came about
    • The advantages of real-time feedback
    • A note about Business Plans
    • A summary of how it works
  • 2

    Setting it up

    • Planning
    • How I selected my groups
    • How I set them up
    • The piece of information that is going to unlock your mailing list
    • What to do if the groups get too big for you to manage alone
  • 3

    How it works

    • Follow the energy trail
    • Over time
  • 4

    Your homework

    • eBook to Download
    • Now it is your turn...
    • Framing for happiness
    • Full service
    • Your feedback means a lot to me

How long will it take?

While it will likely take you less than an hour to read through and grasp the important concepts. How long it will take to implement online will depend on the size of your dream.

Imagine growing a life that you love around the dream that is in your heart...

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