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The Up-Cycled Cloth Collective is a group of Volunteers who are shifting global perceptions about how people use, re-use and dispose of waste fabric and fiber.

Learn the history of how it all started and follow the progress of the project here...


Melanie Brummer
Melanie Brummer
Chief Inspiring Officer

Melanie Brummer has taught thousands of people around the world how to add value to their businesses in many ways. She not only teaches textile surface finishes, she also teaches useful information for those who want to grow a small craft business for themselves.

For more detailed information about Melanie, click through to...

How to start a business on a shoestring budget

Course Curriculum

Participants who have received fabric
Fran Harkes - Scotland FREE
Samantha Liversage - South Africa FREE
Mashudu Tshikotshi - South Africa FREE
Helene Janse Van Rensburg - South Africa FREE
Lorett Riley FREE
Colleen Du Plessis - South Africa FREE
Sandie Fletcher FREE
Carlo Gibson of KLIPA Jeans FREE
Carol Tebbutt - South Africa FREE
Sam Brown - South Africa FREE
Jannine Sammons - South Africa FREE
Bern Johnson FREE
Anneke Wiese FREE
Carla Fox - Oregon FREE
Michele Ray FREE
Claire Couchman FREE
Jenny River FREE
Pragati Sharma - USA FREE
Jan Mountford FREE
Gemma Horobin FREE
Jackie Coulson - Scotland
Nicola Meyer - South Africa FREE
Nondumiso Nzama - South Africa FREE
Mariette Swanepoel - South Africa
Jannine Keyser - South Africa FREE
Candice Terblanche - South Africa
Schauneen Fletcher - South Africa
Janine Spencer - South Africa
Noeline Talbot - South Africa FREE
Michele Ray - USA FREE
Claire Couchman - UK
Wendy Shrubsall - UK FREE
Jan Mountford - UK FREE
Jenny River - UK FREE
Bern Johnson - Queensland FREE
Janet Dean - Canada FREE
Janet Avery FREE
Sam Brown - South Africa FREE
Lydia Van Den Broek - South Africa FREE
Gina De Wet - South Africa FREE
Anneke Wiese - South Africa FREE
Shingai Nyagweta - South Africa FREE
Joline van Deventer - South Africa FREE
Bennita Paola - South Africa FREE
Annette Van Velzen - South Africa FREE
Judith Clarke - UK FREE
Amanda Jane Dunnet Reid - South Africa FREE
Allyson Rischbieter - South Africa FREE
Ming Turner - South Africa FREE
Ronel Stronkhorst - South Africa FREE
Britt Harvey - South Africa FREE
Tarryn-Jane Dunkley - South Africa FREE
Alison Penny - South Africa FREE
Precious Mahlangu - South Africa FREE
Cassia Poalses - South Africa FREE
Tarryn Shepherd - South Africa FREE
Carol Pittendrigh - South Africa FREE
Eugene Hulme - South Africa FREE
Karen Dudzinski - Canada FREE
Trienie Krugel - South Africa FREE
Elize Coetzer - South Africa FREE
Clara Nartey - USA FREE
Anne-Marie Brits - South Africa FREE
Susan Strauss - Namibia FREE
Lynette Du Toit - South Africa FREE
Gina Fourie De Wet - South Africa FREE
Lien Kelly - Vietnam FREE
Sue Lancaster FREE
Lesley Swain FREE
Sheilagh Dyson - UK FREE
Pranavi Kapur - India FREE
Jan Mountford - UK FREE
Sally Anne Lloyd - UK FREE
Regina Eid - USA FREE
Miriam Ward FREE
Tammy van der Reijden - Australia FREE
Amanda Guyver - Australia FREE
Leanne Gardner - Australia FREE
Marjee Zeier - USA FREE
Michelle Victoria - USA FREE
Heather Strachen - Canada FREE
Birgit Ruotsala FREE
Julie Gibney Vamvakari - Greece FREE
Susan Saayman - South Africa FREE
Jane Fox - Northern Ireland FREE
Rebecca Wachtman - USA FREE
Jenni Barnes - France FREE
Nicola Sutton - Canada FREE
Jina Juilioano - USA FREE
Ashleigh Balsley - USA FREE
Mirianne Vadgaard - Denmark FREE
Angela Allen - USA FREE
Jodi Lockyer - Canada FREE
Karin Meira - Germany FREE
Catherine Lawes - UK FREE
Maureen Murray - Ireland FREE
Joanne Garside Franckel - Channel Islands FREE
Claudia Coney - USA FREE
Esther Ward - UK FREE
Maria Nalmpantidou - Greece FREE
Maria Nalmpantidou - Greece FREE
Jane Rees - UK FREE
Gillian Farago - UK FREE
Sue Lancaster - UK FREE
Dawn Livera - Canada FREE
Tamara Schultz - Sweden FREE
Miranda Renard - Spain FREE
Jacqueline Colicci - USA FREE
Dorota Tyminska - Ireland FREE
Barb Gamble - UK FREE
Felicia Laycock - UK FREE
Elizabeth Boyle - UK FREE
Julie-Anne Rogers - Australia FREE
Gaia Redgrave - UK FREE
Shirley Yeates - France FREE
Sue Leslie - UK
Angela Boyce - UK FREE
Helen Macqueen - Australia FREE
Maura Summers FREE
Janelle Peterson - Australia FREE
Hannah Pyle - France FREE
Deb Nixon - UK FREE
Christine Brooks - USA FREE
Florian Vimont - Italy FREE
Anna Nowicki - UK FREE
Audrey Mackinnon - UK FREE
Elles Innimee - Ireland FREE
Cherole Smith - Australia FREE
Andriette van der Merwe - South Africa FREE
Ea ten Kate - Sweden FREE
Susan Shafrir - Israel FREE
Richard Young - USA FREE
Meredith Gonzales - USA FREE
Carol Brobst - USA FREE
Miep Jager-Schiphorst - New Zealand FREE
Kellie Sweeney - UK FREE
Liz Finegold - UK FREE
Laura Trach - Canada FREE
Sheila Biggs - UK FREE
Lynne Bishop - Australia FREE
Gill Hamper - UK FREE
Andrea Frayser - USA FREE
Shayne Suttie - South Africa FREE
Sarah Brown - UK FREE
Georgia Gayle Jenkins - Canada FREE
Angy Hamlet - South Africa FREE
Christiane De Clercq - Belgium FREE
Jayne Butler - UK FREE
Emma Hodgeson - UK FREE
Paula Watkins - UK FREE
Laura Salamy - USA FREE
Annick Cottom - UK FREE
Marilyn Waite FREE
Judith Eddington - UK FREE
Sarah Buick - Australia FREE
Debra Turner - USA FREE
Pamela Davis - USA FREE
Lynne Hocking - UK FREE
Jackie Burns - FREE
Paola Mezzanotte - Italy FREE
Deborah Fallas - UK FREE
Vicki Sisson - Canada FREE
Elaine Pearce FREE
Karen Barnes - Canada FREE
Helen Hren - USA FREE
Lynne Stewart - USA FREE
Ruth Zanoni Roskell - UK FREE
Deborah Kenward - Scotland FREE
Sandra Bryans - Australia FREE
Sarah Mc George - UK FREE
Diane Duncan - Canada FREE
Kim MacGillivray - UK FREE
Darla Martin - USA FREE
Ruby Starrs - UK FREE
Pirkko Vepsalainen - Italy FREE
Pat Tewkesbury - UK FREE
Marijke van Welzen - Netherlands FREE
Tonee Taylor - Australia FREE
Julie Waters - UK FREE
Jane Spencer - UK FREE
Christine Reynolds - UK FREE
Mary Ann Parham - Malaysia FREE
Barbara Atherton - USA FREE
Anne Barwick - UK FREE
Hedi Kment - Canada FREE
Susanne Steinmetz - Germany FREE
Emanuela Mazzucchelli - Italy FREE
Laura Rankin - USA FREE
Jean Rubman FREE
Lynne Ohlson - Australia FREE
Danette Quartey - Sweden FREE
Bongekile Sondezi - South Africa FREE
Heather Hochbaum - Canada FREE
Kamielah Francis FREE
Ruth Fairlamb - South Africa FREE
Anneri Kelderman - South Africa FREE
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