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Fabric dye techniques that are useful for Quilters | taught by Melanie Brummer

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Quilt “Carnival In Rio” won first prize in the category Innovative Large at the 2008 National Quilt Festival in Alberton and the Viewers Choice Award of the Good Hope Quilters Guild and has now been selected to be one of the quilts representing South Africa at the World Quilt Competition in the USA.” Kathryn Celliers-Louw. Kathryn made this wonderful quilt called Carnival In Rio using some of these techniques.

“Thanks for all the help with the dyeing. I have done the first batch and it looks great!!! The colors are AMAZING!!” Stella Pretorius

"I got awesome results.” Lesley Jurgens

“I received the book and have read and reread. It is a good book, it has explained quite a lot of different things to me. I would just plod along and do my own thing. It certainly helps with the correct method or tips to make it a bit easier.” Margaret Bentley

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Melanie Brummer
Melanie Brummer
Chief Inspiring Officer

Melanie Brummer has taught thousands of people around the world how to add value to their businesses in many ways. She not only teaches textile surface finishes, she also teaches useful information for those who want to grow a small craft business for themselves.

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How to start a business on a shoestring budget

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Mixing your own colour
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Mindful water use
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How to claim your Certificate
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