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  • WOW stuff!

    “I have a severe physical complaint – LOCKJAW – because of all the WOW stuff!” Glynis Jones

  • Great results

    “Thanks for all the help with the dyeing. I have done the first batch and it looks great!!!" Stella Pretorius

  • First time success

    “I finally got to have the WOW moment!- last night, close to midnight- I am surprised how well they all turned out! When my Mom saw what I was doing, she promptly came back with a whole lot of T-shirts of hers that are stained for me to fix up!” Tamara Plasser

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What you can expect from this online course
    • Sourcing your fabric dye
    • Hot or cold fabric dye?
    • For best results
    • Manmade dye or natural dye?
  • 2

    Dyeing fabric one smooth colour

    • Dyeing in a pot on the stove
    • Dyeing in your washing machine
    • Dye chemistry
    • Requirements for best results
    • Hot or cold dye?
    • Conversations with students
  • 3

    Tie dye and texture

    • The Quilter's Crush
    • The multi-colour method
    • Six of the simplest tie dye patterns
    • Ice dyeing
  • 4

    Mixing your own colour

    • Learn to mix more than 100 recipes
  • 5

    Mindful water use

    • eBook
  • 6

    How to claim your Certificate

    • Requirements
    • Feedback
    • Did you enjoy this online course?

How long will it take?

While you can likely work through the whole course in 5-6 hours, trying out the things that you learn will take considerably longer and will depend on how much fabric you have to play with.

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