Kids absolutely LOVE tie-dye!

Children of all ages say "Oh WOW!" when they see what they have made.

  • Fun filled

    "I had fun with my sister, as it was all clearly explained, including the pictures to better understand every step... great way to start dying!" Lucie Trottier

  • Joy full

    “The kids were overjoyed when they opened up their shirts and found the different patterns and colours!” Charlotte Manzie

  • They wear them again and again

    “The party went great thank you. The T-shirts turned out great and I often see them wearing them.” Sam Sharples

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    General information

    • Why kids love tie dye
    • Plan your route
    • Buying the dye that you need
  • 3

    The process

    • In a nutshell
    • How to set it up
    • Extra patterns
  • 4

    The things that usually go wrong

    • Write the name on the shirt
    • Baby poo green
    • Microwave challenges
    • T-shirts are a poly/cotton blend
  • 5

    Washing and best practice for waste disposal

    • Free resource
  • 6

    Claim your certificate

    • How to claim your certificate

This online course will help you by...

...answering all of your questions beforehand so that you can have the most fun on the day.

Do you feel as if you need detailed information?

The one hour video that we made during one of my workshops with kids explains everything. English/Afrikaans.

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