Learn the secret of the rainbow spiral

  • Easier than you think

    It is easier than you think to create this magical effect.

  • Even kids can do it!

    The technique is easy enough, even kids can do it!

  • The WOW Moment!

    This is the moment when you unfold what you have made, stand back and say "Oh WOW!"

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Simple video with a group of kids
    • eBook
    • Adding black to your rainbow
    • How to claim your certificate
  • 2
    Bonus video - make a chiffon silk scarf
    • Bind the chiffon silk fabric
    • Add the dye using a syringe
    • Heat set the dye in your microwave oven
    • The Wow Moment!

How long will it take?

It will likely take you about an hour to dye your first spiral, and half an hour to wash out the following day

Would you like to know more about tie dyeing than how to make a spiral?

Click through to the online course that shares ALL the information about tie dyeing.

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