Do you want to start your own little business?

This eBook will help you with some ideas where you can start, even if you have a very tight budget.

  • Monday to Friday...

    Buy some white T-shirts and dye them.

  • Saturday

    Sell what you made at your local craft market.

  • Repeat

    Repeat the process and grow a small business.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    You will need...

    • Basic needs
    • Nice-to-have
    • Environmental considerations
    • How to claim your certificate
  • 3

    Other things to think about

    • Things you might not see coming?
    • How to claim your certificate

Low start-up costs

There are very few businesses that you can start for yourself with so little start-up money.

Are you looking for patterns and information about tie dyeing?

This online course will teach you how to get great results that remain bright wash after wash.

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