Would you like to dye your fabrics in your washing machine?

You can expect different results from different kinds of machines.

  • Start with the right information

    This eBook will explain the benefits and drawbacks of using different washing machines so that you can decide if you want to spend the time, resources and energy on using this method of dyeing cloth.

  • Save money, time and resources

    Fabric is expensive. When you go to a lot of effort to dye it and the color does not turn out the way you expect it to, it can be frustrating. Spare yourself the cost of failures by starting with the right information.

  • Get answers to your questions

    This eBook will answer your questions about dyeing fabrics in your washing machine so that you have the best chance of getting great results.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What will you learn and how long will it take?
  • 2

    General information

    • Man made or natural dyes
    • Start with end use first
    • Tips for selecting the best fabrics for dyeing
    • What dye should you buy and other tips
    • General tips for best results
  • 3

    Different kinds of machines

    • Different machines have different benefits
    • Top loading twin tub machine
    • Automatic washing machines
  • 4


    • You did not get the results you hoped for?
  • 5

    How to claim your certificate

    • Send in your pictures

How long will it take?

You can likely read through this eBook in an hour. Implementing what you have learned will take longer and you will have to experiment what works best for your personal needs.


Do you have some experience with dye, only you wish you could improve those blotchy results?

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