How to get the best results using Slipstream Fabric Dye

Learn how to get bright colors that remain vibrant wash after wash | taught by Melanie Brummer
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“Good photography, clear instructions, easy steps for a novice to follow!!!”Fashion Department, Durban University Of Technology

"Your tips and advice are always useful. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you!!"
Barbara Shaffer Funk

“It is awesome to see how much you love what you do and you have such a wealth of information to share in such a beautiful and inspiring way. Never mind the FUN factor!” San Nel, Fashion Designer

“You opened a new world for me.” Jeanette Gunston

“Thanks so much it was the best course, you give it all - thank you.” Marlene Bailey

"I love that you share your knowledge so freely and I love my rainbows. When I am busy with them, I don't care about any other challenges laying waiting for me. This is therapy in its purest form.” Jady Hewitt

“Having done 4 workshops with Melanie, I am now a devotee of dyeing to add colour and texture to fabric. The colours of the dyes and the methods of applying the dye to fabric produce stunning effects. I can now dye fabric to make garments for myself, mix my own personal shades of dye and embellish garments using lino prints, and I know my garments are totally unique. I am a devoted fabric painter but the addition of dyeing to my painting “arsenal” has only added to my creative instincts. Melanie is a major inspiration to anyone who has leanings towards fabric and colour.” Glynis Jones. 

Melanie Brummer
Melanie Brummer
Chief Inspiring Officer

Melanie Brummer has taught thousands of people around the world how to add value to their businesses in many ways. She not only teaches textile surface finishes, she also teaches useful information for those who want to grow a small craft business for themselves.

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