Start with the right information and avoid the costs of failures

Many people assume that because kids can get great results, getting perfect results every time should be easy.

  • How do I get bright colors without the bleed?

    This online course will teach you how the dye chemistry works so that you understand how to prevent the bleed that is so typical of hand dyed items.

  • How do I dye more than one color at a time?

    It is actually much easier than many people think. This course will teach you how to mix rainbow colors on the fabric using simple processes that even kids can manage.

  • How do I get colors that do not fade in the wash?

    This online course will teach you how to fix the color so that it does not wash out over time. Get the best results, right from the start.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What are the best fabrics to use with reactive dyes?
    • Preparing the fabric for dyeing
  • 2

    Different folding techniques for achieving different patterns

    • Equipment for binding your cloth
    • Easy enough for small kids to do
    • Some easy binding patterns to try
    • How to stitch hearts into cloth
  • 3

    Equipment for dyeing

    • Simple equipment that you will find in your home
  • 4

    More about dye...chemicals, properties and requirements

    • Hot or cold dye
    • Translucent colour
    • Mixing process
    • Chemistry
    • Requirements for best results
  • 5

    Different methods of getting the dye on the cloth at the right temperature

    • Heat the dye in a pot in the traditional way
    • Use a kettle to heat the water
    • Dipping in cold dye
    • Use syringes or squeeze bottles
    • Heat the dye in a microwave oven
  • 6

    The Wow Moment

  • 7

    In closing...

    • I hope that you enjoyed this video course?
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