What students say

  • Eye-opening

    “You really opened a new world for me.” Jeanette, Quilter

  • WOW stuff!

    “I have a severe physical complaint – LOCKJAW – because of all the WOW stuff!” Glynis Jones.

  • Inspiring!

    “I have just added two images to my fashion portfolio if you want to go and have a look! It might not be mind-boggling printwork (its just stripes), but please know that they were little stripes inspired by your class. I feel that I have to share with you one of the things that you said at the class that made a huge impact on me, were that people have been printing for ages, not just since the industrial revolution, and that before that everything had to be done by hand. As a small business, it can be so disheartening when one cannot afford the techniques that you think are the only ways to create something... I also now apply that type of thinking in other parts of my life (for example when Eskom cuts the power). Just being conscious about the fact that people still survived and worked without all our technologies/wads of cash, injects just the needed energy when needed!!” Marle Coetzee.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Printing With Found Objects II
    • Extra picture tutorials
  • 2
    Extra resources

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