Different chemicals. Different processes. Different fibers.

  • Different chemicals

    Dyes for plant fibers need alkaloid mordants while dyes for animal fibers use acidic mordants to fix the color permananently to the cloth.

  • Different processes

    Because the chemicals and fibers are different, you can expect the processes that you use to be different.

  • Different fibers

    A fiber like wool will felt with vigorous washing while cotton can be washed in any way. The structure of the fiber will inform differences in process also.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Dyeing Plant vs Animal Fibre
  • 2
    Extra video about dyeing plant fibers
    • Dye chemistry
    • Requirements for best results
  • 3
    Extra resources
    • Books by Melanie Brummer
    • Online groups that you might enjoy

How long will it take?

While you can likely read through the eBook in less than an hour, experimenting with the techniques will take longer and will depend on how much fabric you have and how adventurous you feel.

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