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Learn how much you should be charging for your products | taught by Melanie Brummer
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As soon as you implement what you learn from this eBook, you will begin to make more money.

" You were there for me when I lost my job in 2010, you lifted me up off the floor and gave me the courage and inspiration to start my own little tie dye business. It has now been running for going on 7 years, it does not make me millions, but it helps pay the *little* things...but if it was not for YOU Dear Heart I would not be where I am today." Doreen Fosse, South Africa

"The things she teaches are amazing but how she helps you strategically for your own benefit is priceless..." Richard Young, USA

As soon as you implement the things that you learn in this eBook, you will begin to make more money. Order this eBook today to secure your future financial sustainability.

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Melanie Brummer
Melanie Brummer
Chief Inspiring Officer

Melanie Brummer has taught thousands of people around the world how to add value to their businesses in many ways. She not only teaches textile surface finishes, she also teaches useful information for those who want to grow a small craft business for themselves.

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