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    "The things she teaches are amazing but how she helps you strategically for your own benefit is priceless..." Richard A Young

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    "You changed my life view and my world. I'm still up to my neck in debt but my schedule should see it cleared by June." Linda Wilson

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    "This is a cornerstone course for any new or struggling entrepreneur! If you're a business owner wondering why your business just never quite gets off the ground or whether you're still holding a dream in your heart for a life of entrepreneurship, do yourself a favor and purchase this course. Understanding pricing and costing is the life force of any business. Grasp the battle-tested wisdom Melanie shares in this course and you'll be well on your way to mindfully building a financially healthy and sustainable business." Rated 5 out of 5 Sandra J Miljkovic

Course curriculum

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    • Costing & Pricing Your Products
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    Other Resources
    • Online Support Groups for Entrepreneurs

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