eBook - Copyright And Protecting Your Creative Ideas

Learn how to protect YOUR creative ideas | taught by Melanie Brummer
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“I enjoyed the workshop and found it interesting and stimulating. I have always viewed it from a librarian’s perspective (don’t photocopy more than the allowed potion of a book or article) so it was interesting to see the other side – through the eyes of the crafter/designer/artist who has intellectual property of his/her own to protect to protect but also has to respect the intellectual property of others. A very tricky situation which is indeed like the layers of an onion – seemingly without end.A refreshing new perspective on a very contentious issue.”Catherine Dryden, Librarian Wits

“The workshop was insightful and practical, and helped get a better understanding of how copyright and intellectual property works. It was interesting to rather look at situations with an outside perspective and change your stance. It was a great discussion.” Joel Janse van Vuuren, Fashion Designer

“Melanie sent me a copy of her e-book regarding the copyright onion.I'd have to say the most important thing for me was getting the information in the course upfront.Knowing what I know now, I will hopefully avoid any pitfalls in the future.It was also a terribly unbinding evening, if that makes any sense.I felt freer afterwards.Listening to Melanie talk and how she opens her talents and knowledge and gifts out to everyone to enjoy made the idea of copyright almost redundant.An open, giving world would be a far happier place and Melanie' angle on that was surprising and very refreshing at a theoretical course on a very ticklish subject.So much for a sentence or two!It was just an invaluable time and a great wealth of knowledge was imparted in such a warm way.” Sue Turner, Entrepreneur

“Melanie's presentation building on the reasons why we all came to the workshop was a smart and innovative approach of discussing what was relevant to us, I appreciated that. The tips she gave us to use in our own scenarios were useful and created an awareness that I could definitely work with in the future. I found the entire workshop valuable and enlightening, thank you.” Deyana Thomas, CDP Trust.

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Melanie Brummer
Melanie Brummer
Chief Inspiring Officer

Melanie Brummer has taught thousands of people around the world how to add value to their businesses in many ways. She not only teaches textile surface finishes, she also teaches useful information for those who want to grow a small craft business for themselves.

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