What students are saying...

  • A tricky situation

    “I enjoyed it and found it interesting and stimulating. I have always viewed it from a librarian’s perspective (don’t photocopy more than the allowed potion of a book or article) so it was interesting to see the other side – through the eyes of the crafter/designer/artist who has intellectual property of his/her own to protect to protect but also has to respect the intellectual property of others. A very tricky situation which is indeed like the layers of an onion – seemingly without end. A refreshing new perspective on a very contentious issue.” Catherine Dryden, Librarian Wits

  • Insightful and practical

    “It was insightful and practical, and helped me get a better understanding of how copyright and intellectual property works. It was interesting to rather look at situations with an outside perspective and change your stance.” Joel Janse van Vuuren, Fashion Designer

  • A surprising angle

    “Melanie sent me a copy of her e-book regarding the copyright onion. I'd have to say the most important thing for me was getting the information in the course upfront. Knowing what I know now, I will hopefully avoid any pitfalls in the future. It was also a terribly unbinding evening, if that makes any sense. I felt freer afterwards. Melanie' angle on that was surprising and very refreshing at a theoretical course on a very ticklish subject.” Sue Turner, Entrepreneur

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Copyright And Protecting Your Creative Ideas
    • Extra Video To Make You Think
    • Thoughts from other experts
  • 2
    Extra resources

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